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Guys who belong to F3 are always on the lookout for other men that they can ‘headlock’. Headlocking another guy means to invite him to join the PAX, and if he resists, to keep applying subtle pressure until he eventually yields and gives it a try. Most people that are F3 regulars probably said “no” several times before eventually posting to their first workout. I said things like “maybe”, and “I’ll think about it”, and “I’m not sure” the first three or four times I was approached. I, like many, had a lot of excuses as to why I didn’t want to post. Here are some of them.

“I need to get in shape before I can join you”

This is probably the biggest misconception that people have, and is often the most common excuse that people use. Guys that need F3 the most are those that haven’t been working out – they’re not in the shape that they’d like to be in – so the idea of getting in shape before you join us just doesn’t make any sense. The way you get into shape is to join F3 – you’ll have an army of guys that will encourage you to push yourself farther than you’ll ever push yourself. Check your pride at the door, realize that you might not be as good or as strong as you used to be, and know that you’ve got a supportive group of dudes who will help you get back to that point.

“I’m not a morning person”

Hell, I was never a morning person either. Yes, F3 workouts are early in the morning. Before joining F3, the thought of rolling out of bed before the sun rises and working out was not appealing to me at all. That’s because most people get out of bed and workout alone – that’s no fun regardless of what time of day you’re doing it. There is something about working out with a bunch of your buddies that make those early mornings tolerable. All you need to do is go to bed a little bit earlier so you can get the beauty sleep you need. Once you start getting up early, going to bed earlier than you’re used to won’t be a problem!

“I don’t like the cold”

Yes, F3 workouts are always held outdoors – rain or shine, hot or cold. Those early morning workouts in January and February can be brutal. But, there is only one thing you need to remember – layers. Under Armour, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and good gloves and socks are a must. Once you start moving, you’ll probably even start sweating. The key to cold weather workouts is keeping your fingers and toes warm. Our guys have a lot of experience with cold weather workouts, and can give any new member tips and suggestions on what gear you’ll need.

I’ve been at this for nearly three years now. Prior to joining F3, I could never commit to working out for more than a few months at a time before I’d stop and take a lot of time off. Not anymore. Stop using the tired, old, excuses that we all used before joining this group. Get to bed early, wake up early, and join us in the gloom. It’ll be one of the best decisions you can make.


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