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Sad Clown Syndrome

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

For 25 years, I the first or only family member headed out of the house and the last one home each and every work day. Suddenly, I was the only family member who stayed at home watching everyone head out to school or work, wondering what adventures were in store for them, and knowing that few, if any, interesting things would happen to me as I worked alone in my basement, rebuilding and repairing food machines. Being home alone, all-day, and the accompanying loneliness of being disconnected to a vibrant workplace and my former professional identity, was not something I ever expected to experience. It also became my existence for much longer than I ever expected.

Fortunately during this period, there were a few things that brought me joy and connection. I had morning 1st F workouts with my F3 friends, who proved themselves to be amazing supporters and encouragers throughout my very long and frustrating job search. I found myself more eager than ever to be connected to other men for support and friendship and that began extending beyond our workouts and into 2nd F activities like trivia nights, fishing trips and bonfires. I was having more fun and feeling more connected than I had since college, even when my career was going well and my work identity was fully intact. Without F3 Ashland, this period of over a year would have been especially lonely and challenging for me. The loneliness I experienced has me especially concerned for the many sad clowns out there who may put on a good public game-face, but who in reality feel alone, frustrated, even hopeless in his many life challenges. I wanted and still desire to invite FNG’s to post and I find joy in making online purchases to send something stupid with each guys F3 name on it, as a sign and reminder to him that he knows that we are thinking of and value him.

F3 is more than just a morning workout club if we allow it to be. I encourage our guys to take advantage of our 2nd and 3rd F moments that occur. Hang around for a minute, when you can, after the COT and photo to shoot the bull with one of the guys, come to the next bonfire and our next CSUP. As we begin a trial run of Q Source for 5 weeks, please do the limited prep reading and fully engage in the discussions. I’m confident that Q Source and our other future 2nd and 3rd F moments will be a rewarding experience for all of us. As for our future 1st F workouts, DBAB!


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